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I'm still alive!!!
I posted a comment on a friend's page and she freaked out because I had apparently dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I'm still here, and in major Misty/Kerri withdrawals. I think I feel a story coming on.............


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*mock indignation* i did NOT freak out! well ok. maybe a little.
but it was a good freak! and had ducked offline here for a while now...

and more stories? oh happy day...

JESSSS! Come back to us already!! don't make me freak again and BEG stories out of you..

please come back and write more M/K hawtness? *is begging*

Alright, alright, alright!! hehe. I pulled out my spiral notebook (yes, i still use the ancient form of writing) and came across an unfinished story I had from a while back. I'll wing the ending when I get to it. But I'll being posting it, just for you!

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