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I'm still here...
Wow, according to LiveJournal, I haven't updated this thing in 11 weeks, lol. Just wanted to say that I have a few ideas for new fics and I'm trying to get my mojo going to kick start my brain into jotting stuff down. I truly miss writing.

But you know, I really miss reading as well. I'm trying so hard to surf around and find any fics on Misty and Kerri, but I'm not coming across anything I haven't already read before. If any of you can direct me to a place where I can splurge on M&K fics, I'd be the happiest girl in the

Fics coming soon so stay tuned!!!


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I'm having the same problem! I'll keep looking, though, just so I can read more of your stuff :P

This is odd... this morning I was watching (yesterday's) Manhattan Beach final and I was thinking "Hmmm... I need to find some more May/Walsh." =D


Hey Jess, good to hear you have some May/Walsh fics in the works. I too, haven't been able to find any others at other sites either. Lots of drama going on on the women's side of the AVP right now - good for material! Congrats to May/Walsh for their recent victory at Manhattan Beach!

As a side note, gotta say, Jess, you got me totally hooked on SON - Ashley & Spencer. Some of those fan fics are good & I can't wait for Season 2. I now have the station that carries that show on my cable!

Hope you're having a good summer & looking forward to your new material!


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