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Okay, I know I really only talk about Misty and Kerri cause they are soooooo slashy together, but I must say, after hearing about a little TV show called "South of Nowhere" recently, I scoped out a few episodes online. All I have to say is, WOW. I'm soooo hooked on that show. Spencer and Ashley are just so cute. I had no idea this show existed until now. I've been missing out. But I'm catching up on the episodes I haven't seen yet. Apparently there are only 10 eps for their first season. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all.


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Ouch, that grey bar takes forever to cross the screen for the 24-minute stuff, but guess I gotta deal with it.... It's much faster when viewing the music videos. Some of those are really quite good. Anyway, again, thanks for the info!

Wow, more ideas in your head for all those volleyball seasons - great! If you get them down on paper you can make it into a novel - ha! And I still say Hollywood is ripe for slashy material these days...

Take care & go Misty and Kerri! Can't wait!!!


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