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I received a "Nudge" from Andi and thought i should i post something on my journal. It's been over a month since my last post, I know. I was supposed to get the last part of my fic posted, but the thing is, I have been suffering from writer's block again. My brain doesn't want to function properly. It's like it's right there but i can't seem to get it down on paper. I'm pulling my hair out as we speak. lol. But I did make progress yesterday by getting a few paragraphs down, so if i can keep that momentum going, I may finish this damn fic once and for all. I'm sooooo sorry for the delay, guys.


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Hey Jess, SeaTac here... There's absolutely NO need to apologize for your writer's block. All writers suffer that every now and then. I, for one, just happen to enjoy whatever you write no matter WHEN it's posted... If need be, take your time...

Hope all else is well!


Take as long as you need =D

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